Blair Crawford

Bite Size #19: The Benefits of Having a Coach – Blair Crawford

Have you ever thought about hiring a coach?

Blair Crawford from Biosecurity company Daltrey provides insight into how he went from being a tech-minded domain expert to an engaging communicator and presenter, both to internal team members and external clients/potential clients. The Answer? Coaching.

Blair explains how he engaged a coach early in his career when he articulated a future goal to run a company. High on self-awareness, Blair hired a coach to help him make up the shortcomings he knew were ahead of him on his business path.

Blair Crawford is CEO of Daltrey, a biometric and biosecurity company changing the way people interact with technology every day.

A natural salesman, Blair loves building strong relationships and shows a real compassion and human side to creating a thriving team.

You can find Blair at the Identity Today Podcast or his Linkedin
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