#97 Andrew May Live Keynote – Inside Job

Just like putting a fitness program together to train the body to be healthy, fit, flexible, and strong; we can do the same for your brain. Sustainable high performance requires an inside out approach and there are critical inflection points in our lives where it is vital to ‘do an inside job.’ 

Are you armed with the skills to do this?

Listen to a live recording of Andrew presenting his Inside Job presentation to ACTA, where he leverages neuroscience (scientific study of the nervous system and brain) performance psychology and 20 years experience coaching some of the world’s leading athletes, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.  

Performance psychology shows training the mind is like learning a new skill, like playing the guitar or ice skating. And we need to keep practising (reps and sets) and have the right coaching and support until we become competent and gain mastery.

Learn to be calm under pressure through front-loading cognitive skills, so they can then be drawn upon when needed most. In this episode Andrew explores:

3:40 His backstory and why he needs to tap into mental skills on a daily basis.

6:25 The challenges facing leaders, listening to your body’s warning signs and getting excited (or not) about living to 100 years old.

11:40 Critical inflection points in your life where you need to do and Inside Job and the biological and sociological defaults we all have to navigate.

17:35 How to do an IOS upgrade on your mind, the 12 Essential Mental Skills and why stoicism is such an important part of storytelling.

22:05 How to deal with the 70,000 thoughts you have reach day, the Reticular Activating System and Andrew’s first real heart break.

29:00 Self-awareness, Tim Tszyu’s dedication to training his body and brain, the importance of storytelling.

35:20 Being calm is trainable, getting the right balance between stress and recovery right, and the physiology of stress.

38:10 A day in the life of an athlete vs a a day in the life of a corporate worker, micro recovery breaks, and the inverted U hypothesis.

42:00 Andrew and Angela Poon’s experience participating in the Royal Australian Navy’s Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), the 3x3x3 Down Regulation method and how to Up Regulate (add energy when you need it).

52:30 How Commonwealth Bank CEO Matt Comyn trains mental skills, awareness around how you show up as a leader and being aware of energy levels for you and your team energy (social contagion theory) 

58:15 Q&A session led by Chris Mclachlan from CBA