Dr Tom Buckley

#58 The Science of Burnout and How to Become Burnout Proof – Dr Tom Buckley

Andrew and Dr Tom have been working together for 19 years under 5 different business iterations, with a mutual interest and desire to bridge the gap between the science of human performance and the reality of the human experience.

They have discovered a fine dance between pushing the body’s physical and psychological resources to bend and not break, to stretch and not snap.The 5 factors to become Burnout Proof include Down Regulation, Physiological Capacity, Personal Productivity, Social Connectedness and Purpose Alignment,

In this episode Andrew and Dr Tom discuss:

4:00 The definition of burnout and the human energy crisis

9:30 Burnout statistics and the difference between the younger and older generations

14:00 Is lack of recovery and respite causing burnout? And the client that had to leave his career

19:30 The importance of heart rate, organisational burnout and the 5 factors to make you Burnout Proof

23:15 The 1st factor – Down Regulating

38:55 The 2nd factor – Physiological Capacity

47:15 Kids drinking Prime and the effects of caffeine

53:50 The 3rd factor  – Personal Productivity

1:04:50 The 4th factor – Social Connectedness

1:18:00 The 5th factor – Purpose Alignment

1:32:30 Angela Poon and Shannon Frost’s reflections


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