#49 Wayne Pearce – Role Modelling Healthy Living, Personal Leadership, and a Framework to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Wayne Pearce is in the Rugby League Hall of Fame and played 193 NRL games for the Balmain Tigers. A proud NSW Blues and Australian Kangaroos representative, he is listed as one of the 100 greatest NRL players of all time. A few years after retiring he coached the Balmain Tigers and NSW State of Origin team. Wayne is the NRL Commissioner

He plays in a band, is a life-long learner and is a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast regularly paddling his kayak on Sydney Harbour. Recognised as a leadership and team building expert, Wayne Pearce Advantage delivers high impact programs across Asia Pacific.

In this episode Andrew and Wayne discuss:

7:10 Why Wayne doesn’t drink alcohol and his belief in himself.

11:20 Wayne’s no BS approach to coaching.

15:10 Wayne’s influences in his coaching style and how he stays contemporary.

22:40 Creating high performing teams and how Wayne has fun.

28:20 How Wayne would set up a businesses operating rhythm and why he left rugby playing and coaching.

38:55 Wayne’s passion for teaching kids and building resilience.

43:50 What Wayne is proudest of and where he sees himself going in the future.

48:40 Burnout in Coaches and coaching culture in businesses.

55:10 How Wayne switches off physically and mentally.

58:25 Performance Uncovered.

1:25:25 Wayne’s question for Andrew.

1:32:45 Andrew and the Wizard’s reflections.


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