#55 Andrew May – The 5 Building Blocks That Underpin Sustained High Performance

Gene Tunny and Tim Hughes recently had Andrew as a guest on  the Economics Explored Podcast where they discussed all things human performance, with insights into what Andrew focuses on when coaching top performers, including CEOs and elite athletes.

Andrew is regularly asked “what is the best way to become a Mental Skills Coach?” and it’s a loaded question. There is no straight path, just like there is no straight path to mastery for any of my clients/athletes.   In a recent conversation with a coach Andrew said “I became a mental skills coach overnight, after 25 years of…studying science (exercise physiology), training as an elite middle distance runner, working as a personal trainer, working across multiple sports as a strength and conditioning coach, studying a Masters in coaching psychology, building and selling 2 businesses to large global companies, being treated for cancer, going through a marriage breakdown, and a few decades of experience in the corporate world…”


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