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#60 Andrew May – The Power of Human Connection (Live Keynote Presentation)

For thousands of years, we have lived and worked in communities – it’s fundamental to the way we experience the world. Humans belong in tribes. It is wired in our DNA. Being truly connected provides purpose and gives lives rich meaning and pleasure.  It is now more important than ever to ‘connect’ in all parts of our personal and professional lives. Research shows a multitude of benefits connecting with your inner purpose, or what is referred to as your inner why. People with a clearly articulated purpose live longer, are more resilient and bounce back faster from challenges, and they make more money.

Andrew has been exploring the power of human connection for close to two decades in his work as an entrepreneur (building and selling two separate companies that he sold to ACCOR and KPMG), his focus on personal development and uncovering the power of personal purpose (helping him through a few ups and downs in life), and in recent years coaching world champion athletes and elite sporting teams to become crystal clear on their shared goal and aligning high performance cultures.

In this episode that was recorded at a live event, Andrew talks about:

7:15 Making meaning from the last 3 years, the loneliness epidemic and disengagement in the workplace

12:20 Connection, leadership and ‘Love Actually’

18:10 Blue Zones and longevity, posing the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and the French phrase raison d’etre

24:45 Supplementing your purpose, the missing part in ‘Citius Altius Fortius’, stress and down regulation

33:00 Micro recovery breaks, the 3x3x3 down regulating format and breath work

44:25 Social Contagion Theory, Can4Cancer and wrapping up with Dr. Suess

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