Deano Gladstone

#36 The Science of Breathwork, The Art of Cold Water Therapy, The Allure of Wim Hof – Deano Gladstone

Deano Gladstone is a qualified Personal Trainer, Founder of ‘Power of the Breath’, Bondi Lifeguard, Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Ice Bath Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Public Speaker and Performance Coach.

As one of the regular faces on Bondi Rescue, Deano literally knows what it’s like to save someone’s life and has resuscitated over 30 people.He also knows what it feels like to need to save yourself

In 2004 Deano was king hit at a football game. The punch knocked him unconscious and it took him weeks to leave the house and numerous trips to the dentist. He struggled mentally and was diagnosed with PTS and anxiety. He developed multiple allergies, problems with breathing, dermatitis and eczema. Rather than taking this lying down, Deano became obsessed with getting his health back and one of the keys to unlocking this was breath work.

And I am very grateful he did as Deano is THE GUY I call on when I want to introduce breathwork and cold water therapy to organisations like CBA and the Australian Navy; and professional sporting teams including the Parramatta Eels and the Manly Sea Eagles.

3:15 Deano’s background and story

18:15 Deano on Bondi Rescue and outlining what is breathwork?

22:10 Differences between nose and mouth breathing

28:00 Box Breathing

36:15 Using the Wim Hoff method to Up Regulate

42:30 Climbing a mountain in speedos with Wim Hoff and attraction to cold water therapy

57:00 Combining breathwork with cold water therapy

1:07:25 Group flow

You can find Deano at his website or instagram
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