#71 The Science of Anxiety and How to Tame Your Inner Critic – Dr Jodie Lowinger

Dr. Jodie Lowinger is founder of The Anxiety Clinic and her best-selling book “The Mind Strength Method” offers practical, hands-on guidance to help people effectively manage anxiety in their daily lives. Jodie’s work has had a profound impact on organisations, businesses, hospitals and communities.

She is on the advisory board of Gotcha4Life, a not for profit passionately dedicated to building mental fitness in organisations, with a mission of reducing the suicide rate to zero. Jodie is also on the advisory board for Streetwork, dedicated to mentoring homeless teens to help turn their lives around.

As a mother of three, she is passionate about equipping every adult, child, and teen with the tools to manage anxiety and to thrive, bridging the gap between parents, educators, and the younger generation, and connecting on a deeper level.

In this episode Andrew and Dr Jodie discuss:

3:00 What is anxiety and the difference between being anxious and having anxiety.

6:30 The “worry story” and how to help reduce anxiety.

12:00 How to test cognitive function and why anxiety is so prevalent.

18:00 How to diagnose anxiety and teenagers having a condition off.

26:30 Knowing when to step in for your kids and avoiding being judgey.

32:15 Why Dr Jodie is so interested in anxiety and dealing with generational trauma.

37:45 Dr Jodie’s path to studying psychology and high functioning anxiety in celebrities.

46:20 The difference between competition and perfection and Dr Jodie existing with anxiety.

52:00 Getting caught up in self-flagellation and Dr Jodie being open and vulnerable.

58:30 Working with anxiety in athletes and having different tools for different situations.

1:08:00 Being Healthy in all parts of your life and where you can find Dr Jodie.

1:15:00 PQ & You with Tim Hughes.


You can find more about Dr Jodie at her website: https://mindstrength.com.au/

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