#40 Caitlin Bassett – Captaining Australia in Netball, Career Transition and Lifelong Lessons in Leadership

Caitlin ‘CBass’ Bassett is former captain of Australia’s national netball team, the Diamonds. Starting netball at the age of 11, she dominated the netball scene and scored 2,038 of 2,268 attempted shots at goal when playing for Australia, with an unbelievable 90% accuracy rate. 

Caitlin is always looking to learn when it comes to leading teams. In her words “I don’t pretend to be perfect but instead focus on being genuine, and that is what I continually come back to when the pressure is on – being an open and real leader.” 

Caitlin has a communications degree majoring in Broadcast & Journalism, s a Fox Sports commentator and passionate spokesperson on topics including career transition (based on her own experience and difficulty adjusting), leadership and women in sport. Caitlin recently started a role as Player Development Manager at Cricket NSW. She has a dog named Chino, a pet Bunny named Big Wee Wee, and a cat with no name. Caitlin is a self-proclaimed die-hard coffee fan. 

In this episode Andrew and Caitlin Discuss:

4:00 Caitlin’s background and how she got into netball.

11:30 Overcoming self-doubt.

17:00 Caitlin’s struggle with self-image.

26:30 Transitioning from player to captain.

34:30 How the Diamonds work as a team.

44:30 Women in sport and their lives after sport.

54:20 Dating as an athlete.

1:02:00 Making sure you are present in the moment and using mental skills.

1:14:00 Transitioning careers.

You can find Caitlin at her website and Instagram
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