Benefits of Fasting

#16 The Science of Fasting – Paul Taylor

The Science of Fasting

Fasting is a highly effective mechanism to lose weight, lower insulin levels, increase growth hormone, aid cellular repair, reduce inflammation, enhance heart health and boost brain performance. Fasting has also been shown to reduce risk of cancer and enhance longevity.

Former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer Paul Taylor is a fasting and fat loss expert. He is a Neuroscientist, Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist. Paul is completing a PHD in applied psychology to further understand the body and the brain.

In this episode Andrew and Paul discuss the following:

6:37 The history and evolution of fasting

10:15 Fasting and its effect on the body

23:50 Autophagy and metabolism

32:52 Paul’s experience with fasting

43:20 Fasting differences for men and women

46:03 Fasting protocols and feeding windows

58:10 When to fast

1:10:33 Losing fat and measuring success

1:20:42 Fast tracking fat loss using cold temperatures, sauna and heat

1:28:41 Paul’s new book Death by Comfort

You can find Paul at his website or instagram
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