#3 Andrew May – Hybrid Work and Productive Operating Rhythms

Angela Poon, StriveStronger Operations Director, flips the format and interviews Andrew on his view about all things work. Angela explores how Andrew manages being CEO and founder of StriveStronger.com, runs his speaking and coaching practice andrewmay.com, as well as being the Mental Skills Coach for the Parramatta Eels; along with how he stays fit and healthy as the father of 4 energetic children!

Andrew, Angela and the StriveStronger team have been adapting a hybrid working model for years as a growing start-up. Listen in as they share strategies on how to stay productive and keep energy levels high, the 5 Big Rocks every person needs to have in their diary each week, and what elite sport teaches us about sustainable operating rhythms and planning regular periods of rest and restoration.

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