#70 Investing in Self: The Foundation of the Social Mastery Equation Unplugged – Live Conversation at the Indo Pacific Conference on Delivering a World-Class Leadership & Performance Wellbeing Program

This live interview at the Indo-Pacific Sea Power Conference in Sydney is with Rear Admiral Wendy Malcolm, Commander Dean Thompson and Staff Officer MAS Executive Sam Tickle – three Navy personnel who have been integral in sponsoring, amplifying and delivering the Social Mastery program, which has grown to encompass One Defence (Navy, Army, Air Force and Australian Public Sector).

We talk openly about the genesis of Social Mastery and why Social Mastery is so important. There are 4 areas within Social Mastery that have been adapted from Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence model, including Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. StriveStronger had the original opportunity to partner with Maritime Domain, and now One Defence, to add our IP and experience in delivering large-scale wellbeing and productivity programs,

In this episode Andrew, Rear Admiral Wendy Malcolm, Commander Dean Thompson and Petty Officer Sam Tickle discuss:

3:30 The origins of Social Mastery, Wendy’s mentorship story and how she empowered Dean to construct a world-class program

11:30 Why Sam is so passionate about helping others, what is involved in the Social Mastery program and what Dean has learned along the way

17:15 What Sam has gained from participating in the program and practical strategies to down regulate

22:00 Social contagion theory, the changes Wendy has implemented in her life due to the program and the analogy of driving ‘the TARDIS’ to work

27:55 Followership and leadership, how “leadership is love” and the Exercise Immerse program

35:45 Wendy looking into the future, putting yourself first and Dean’s crystal ball gazing

40:30 Sam’s vision for the future and Wendy’s proudest moment of the year

50:40 Liuba Poshevelya and Angela Poon’s (from StriveStronger) reflections


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