Dr Tom Buckley

Bite Size #14: 5 Factors To Innoculate You Against Burnout – Dr Tom Buckley

Have you ever felt on the verge of burnout?

In this Bite Size from episode #9 Andrew and Dr Tom explain their research into and discovery of the 5 factors that are guaranteed to innoculate you against burning out. The 5 factors include Purpose Alignment, Active Recovery, Restorative Sleep, Physiological Capacity and Social Connectedness

Andrew and Dr Tom have been working together for 17 years under 5 different business iterations, with a mutual interest and desire to bridge the gap between the science of human performance and the reality of the human experience.

They have discovered a fine dance between pushing the body’s physical and psychological resources to stretch and not snap.

You can download the Burnout Proof whitepaper by visiting andrewmay.com/burnoutproof

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