#91 Shaun Lane – Performing Under Pressure and Invaluable Lessons from Leading Coaches Around the World to Enhance Your Mental Skills

Shaun Lane’s newly released full-length documentary, ‘Out of My Lane’, follows his off-season journey of discovery and reflection on the other side of the world. Shaun is an Australian professional rugby league footballer playing for the Parramatta Eels.

Over nine years, Shaun has navigated the highs and lows of elite sport, drawing strength from personal adversity including his father’s battle with depression. Combining his on-field experiences with studies in psychology (Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology), Shaun is on a mission to inspire others through the power of mindset, training mental skills, and enhancing psychological wellbeing

‘Maysie’ invited ‘Laney’ into the Performance Intelligence Podcast studio to do a deep dive on all things high performance, mental skills, life, love. “Some boys just really love that revved up, energetic feeling like they can run through a brick wall or something. But for me getting my performance right is about learning patience and learning when to insert myself into the game correctly.”

In this episode Andrew and Shaun discuss:

3:00 Shaun started working with Andrew when he first came to the Parramatta Eels.

6:00 Being nervous in new environments.

10:00 Shaun’s pre-performance routines and how he overcame doubts to become the player he is today.

17:30 How to break the cycle of self-destruction, and performing week in and week out.

21:00 The clear 3 distinct stages of an athletes career, and putting mental skills into practice.

23:00 Using all of your senses (multisensory approach) when preparing for a game and visualisation to overcome mistakes during a game.

29:30 Staying curious and the benefits of having hobbies and other interests outside of your main job.

35:30 Shaun’s belief that there is a massive gap in the NRL when it comes to mental skills, and what he wants to do in the future. 

41:15 Realising footy players live in a bubble.

43:30 Why Shaun was able to make his documentary.

45:15 Shaun realising what his purpose is, and finding it easier talking about his father’s depression.

55:45 Why Shaun’s parents are so important to him.

58:00 What stood out to Shaun during his interview with Matty Ryan.

1:02:00 What stood out to Shaun during his interview with Jeremy Snape.

1:04:15 What stood out to Shaun during his interview with Aaron Walsh.

1:07:30 Owen Eastwood challenging Shaun’s concept of culture and belonging.

1:13:30 Shaun’s Vision Board and the importance it has to him.

1:16:50 The leaps and bounds he has made in the last 3 years.

1:20:50 Not being motivated by money or fame, and choosing a career in dancing 

1:24:35 Shaun’s newly minted speaking career.

You can find the resources mentioned in the podcast here: https://www.andrewmay.com/all-episodes/

You can find Shaun at his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slane_94/?hl=en

Or send him an email at: Slane_1994@hotmail.com

Watch the Out Of My Lane Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5MIhqGRbYo&t=1447s

Additional Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78QiJUlOWH4&t=1s