#72 Dom Price – Hype and Hubris around Hybrid, Atlassian’s Responsible Tech Principles, Top 5 Attributes of a Corporate Super Performer, and Developing a Playbook for Intimacy and Love

Dom Price is Atlassian’s resident work futurist. His experience across the fields of technology, finance and gaming, combined with extensive travel through over fifty countries has informed a unique perspective on the future of work, valuing interconnectedness and a people-centric approach.

Dom’s TedX Talk about rediscovering a happier, more purpose-driven (and less productivity-obsessed) self, has had over 3.3 million views. Dom presents to leading organisations across the globe and he has a refreshingly candid take on all things work. Dom lives in Sydney with his partner Rebecca and their twin boys Frankie and Cooper.

In this episode Andrew and Dom discuss:

4:30 Dom’s disdain for the word ‘hybrid’, the problem with sporting analogies in business and making sure you hire the right people.

14:30 Wanting the rounded version of a person, Dom’s career path so far and not learning anything from business books.

22:30 Coming back into the office post covid, research always fits what you want it to and having too much choice in working options.

29:40 The changes in Dom’s working habits, time spent working not being productive, getting bored presenting keynotes and overcoming this.

35:00 Managing your energy effectively, Dom donating all of his keynote proceeds to charity and the enjoyment felt switching to presenting longer workshops.

42:00 The notion of developing ‘range’, Atlassian’s 5 Responsible Technology Principles and sharing your resources and research with the world.

47:30  Using data ethically and effectively, how Dom comes up with new content and the striking the balance between head vs heart vs hands.

57:00 Working with Atlassian employees, Social Contagion Theory “how you shoe up is how they shoe up” and having different circles of people.

1:04:15 The opposite of play is fear, and what Dom’s school teachers thought of him

1:10:09 Counterintuitive advice open relationships, intimacy and the notion of developing a playbook for love.

1:22:00 Andrew and Shannon Frost’s reflections.


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