Top 5 Performance Intelligence Episodes of 2022 with Andrew May

#33 Setting a Theme for the Year and the Difference Between Resolutions and Intentions – Andrew May

The Performance Intelligence Podcast is back! After having a break to recharge over the Christmas period, Andrew and The Wizard are in the studio again, excited to be recording new episodes for 2023. In the first episode of the year, we discuss:

  1. Podcast housekeeping and the 3 different types of interviews we plan on continuing throughout the year – High Performer Series, The Science Of and Performer Spotlight
  2. Setting a theme for the year – listen to the 5-step process of how to set a theme for the year and Andrew explains how and why he has set an agenda to ‘Amplify and Scale’
  3. The difference between resolutions and intentions – resolutions are more about an end point, intentions is more about setting a daily practice and sharp focus
  4. Building the Performance Intelligence Tribe – ideas on how we want to communicate with you, get your feedback on interviews and topics you want to hear more about, and we would love it if you head over to iTunes and give us a rating and review.

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