#56 Jeremy Snape – Training World-Class Performers Including Shane Warne, English Rugby Team, South African Cricket, F1 Drivers and Crystal Palace Football

Jeremy Snape is one of the world’s leading mental skills coaches and has worked the South African Cricket Team, Rajasthan Royals (Indian Premier League), England Rugby Union, Premier League Club Crystal Palace, Football League Managers Association (LMA) and F1 Racing.

Jeremy played professional cricket for 16 years, including 10 caps for the English team. However, his biggest lesson was learnt when he under-performed in front of 120,000 people against India in a One Day International; where he became a firm believer though that failure is our most powerful teacher.

He hosts a podcast named ‘Inside the Mind of Champions’ and runs a successful consulting practice called Sporting Edge Digital.

In this episode Andrew and Jeremy discuss:

5:00 Jeremy growing up in a small town and the start of his cricket career

13:00 Knowing when you’re good enough to play for your country and Jeremy’s defining moment as a player

22:00 What Jeremy would say to his younger self, how to deal with pressure and unpredictability, and preparing for the end of your playing career

35:00 Working with Shane Warne and the Rajasthan Royals

41:35 Working with the Eddie Jones and the English Rugby team, Crystal Palace Football and how self-talk has a physical impact on our bodies

50:00 Where Jeremy sees the future of performance psychology going

55:00 The commonalities between Jeremy’s podcast guests and his favourite interview

1:05:20 Performance Uncovered

1:14:05 Andrew and The Wizard’s reflections


You can find Jeremy at his LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremysnape/

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