Dr Tom Buckley

#25 The Science of Sauna and Deliberate Heat Exposure and Associated Benefits – Dr Tom Buckley

Deliberate heat exposure has been used by different tribes around the world for thousands of years. Roman and Greek bathhouses led the way with processes to purify and detoxify the body, as well as providing social meeting places. Heat therapy is one of the most popular modern wellbeing interventions, but it can be difficult to sort the facts from the fiction and downright damaging interventions.

In this episode Andrew and Dr Tom Buckley drill deep on all things heat as they explore the origins of thermoregulation, the science behind deliberate heat exposure, different types of sauna (dry vs infrared) and other heat modalities, the 9 science-based benefits (physical and psychological) of regular heat exposure, contraindications to using heat, sauna protocols, and some of ‘the thermoregulation experiments’ Andrew and Dr Tom implement for themselves and their clients including the hot and cold switch, pulsing and the hormesis superstack.

In this episode Andrew and Dr Tom talk about:

3:30 – The history of saunas

7:00 – Andrew and Dr Tom’s experience with heat exposure

18:40 – Different types of sauna and heat modalities

25:15 – Infrared vs dry saunas

33:45 – Benefits of heat therapy

55:40 – When to avoid using saunas

57:30 – Sauna protocols

1:04:55 – Hot and cold switching, pulsing, hormesis superstack

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