Dr Tom Buckley

#83 The Science of Circadian Rhythm and Boosting Energy Levels – Dr Tom Buckley

Tune in as Dr Tom Buckley and Andrew dive into the science of circadian rhythm, the internal biological clock that dictates sleep wake cycles and influences multiple aspects of wellbeing including cognition, hormone balance, metabolism, weight management, sleep-wake cycles, sex drive and especially personal energy levels.

During this episode we explore the interrelationship between circadian rhythm, sleep, and energy output (referred to as the Symphony of Clocks); shed light on an exciting new book we are working on called The Big Biological F*ck Up! (BFUP); we discuss Exposure Theory and why many children born today will live less years than their parents ; and the impact Social Jetlag has on physical and psychological health. We also explore practical insights to wake up and energise yourself each day (Morning Circadian Reset) and the importance of morning sunlight to reset the body synchronise internal clocks for optimal functioning.

Dr Tom Buckley is an Associate Professor at Sydney University and a leading expert in stress and cardiovascular health. He highlights the importance of understanding and optimising circadian rhythms for peak performance.
“We don’t need studies to highlight if you have hormonal disturbances because you are out of sync with the environment, and your body clock is running on negative and you’re boosting it artificially, you will definitely see a degradation in health span and lifespan.”

In this episode Andrew and Dr Tom discuss:

2:30 Dr Andrew Huberman’s live event and what is circadian rhythm?

10:00 Jet lag vs social jet lag and how the human body copes without light.

14:15 The free running cycle during holidays and why you end up going to bed progressively later.

18:30 The circadian rhythm ‘elevator pitch’ and how light effects the body.

22:45 The importance of getting the right light in the morning and fixing 98% of peoples energy problems with proper sleep.

27:45 Teaching energy management to children and new hires, and why we are so addicted to coffee.

31:00 The long-term effects of too much caffeine and switching to tea with flowers.

37:30 Train a coffee detox each year vs sometimes just needing to get through the day.

40:30 Shortening life expectancy in our children and Dr Tom’s research/expertise in this area.

43:30 When did you get your first mobile phone?

44:00 The perils of giving children too much technology time.

48:20 The rise in mood disorders amongst teenagers and children and it takes 8 weeks to reset your circadian clock.

55:30 How physical activity helps reach homeostasis and Andrew’s coaching client example.

1:02:00 Becoming MatchFit to change how you look and improve memory recall.

1:05:30 Understanding your chronotypes (Gazelles, Bears, Tigers, Dolphins) and how aligning cognitive tasks to circadian rhythm significantly boosts productivity.

1:10:00 If you could bottle the effects of sunlight and the steps of the circadian reset.

1:17:00 Getting it right 80% of the time is good enough and getting the basic building blocks in place.
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