#95 The Science and Psychology of Emotional Eating and Understanding the Hidden Causes – Matty Lansdown

Matty Lansdown is a scientist, nutritionist, and musician, with a background in nutritional epigenetics and disease research. A few years into working at a cancer hospital he began to feel like an imposter, “I was asking questions that no one else seemed to be asking, about the cause of disease and the impact of food on the body… It was so strange to me that quite obviously the majority of patients were overweight or obese and no one talked about their diet or their lifestyle. Ever.”

Matty now focuses on the causes of overeating and the emotions we attach to food. And we’re not referring to Bridget Jones crying over her answering machine with an ice-cream tub in hand…we’re talking about real patterns stemming from a range of factors that can include our parents and their patterns, trauma, our relationship with money, how advertisers market to us, what we see online, and more. Through his podcast ‘How to Not Get Sick And Die’, Matty is on a mission to install new beliefs, new mindsets, and new patterns to live a happy, healthy life.

In this episode Andrew and Matty discuss:

3:45 What Matty was like growing up.

7:00 Making the difficult choice between studying drumming and forensics.

10:30 Matty coming to the realisation that there must be a more proactive approach to medicine.

14:00 Over 90% of diseases are caused by poor diet and lifestyle.

15:45 Nature doesn’t make mistakes and disease is biology’s way of trying to fix things.

18:00 What is emotional eating and why do people do it?

23:15 The majority of people are not aware of when they emotionally eat.

26:30 Why Matty almost exclusively works with people over the age of 50.

32:00 The main reasons people emotionally eat.

35:00 Why Matty helps people understand their emotions before he get them to change their eating habits.

37:30 The most common groups of people that emotionally eat, and Matty’s most challenging client.

40:00 The less confident introvert and why they might emotionally eat.

45:45 Why athletes have a higher likelihood to become emotional eaters after their careers finish.

48:45 The problem with trying to live like David Goggins.

52:30 The Dorito Effect and how food companies use your tastebuds against you.

57:30 Matty’s methods for helping people overcome emotional eating problems.

1:03:00 Stacking small habits on top of each other to increase likelihood of behaviour change and success..

1:05:45 How Matty learned about this method through his own personal experiences and therapy after growing up in a violent household.

1:14:00 Game Changers documentary and why going vegetarian might not be as much of a fix as it seems.

1:16:30 Adding weightlifting and meat to your weight loss plan. 

You can find Matty at his Website: https://mattylansdown.com/

Or at his LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matty-lansdown

Listen to Matty’s Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/how-to-not-get-sick-and-die/id1450212088