Rockstar Ciaran Gribbin

#27 Mastering Your Craft and Touring the World as Lead Singer with INXS – Ciaran Gribbin

Andrew is joined by Ciaran Gribbin, a rock star in the true sense of the word who has spent his life writing and playing songs from “dodgy pubs in Belfast”, to some of the biggest stages in the world alongside musicians including Paul McCartney. He was the frontman for popular Irish band Leya and toured the world as lead singer for Australian rock legends INXS.

A prolific singer-songwriter, Ciaran has co-written songs for Madonna, Snow Patrol and Deadmau5. He also wrote the soundtrack for the 2009 film “Heartless” and 2011’s “Killing Bono”.

Ciaran shares how growing up in a troubled part of the world gave him the resilience to overcome any obstacle. He has never drunk alcohol, sips camomile tea, practices meditation and has rituals around gratitude and mindfulness – totally challenging the stereotypical behaviours many people think are befit of a rock n roll star.

Ciaran runs music programs for teams and individuals through his company ‘Rock and Roll Team Building’ and shifts minds into a lighter, happier, and calmer place with sound therapy and music through ‘Vibrate Your Mind.’

You can find Ciaran at his website. Or via the Rock and Roll Team Building and Vibrate Your Mind websites
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